Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Please listen to this as you read my blog. I would like to note that everything that follows is not by any stretch of the imagination fact, but rather a fictional account that I have written based on fact. Read slowly, visualize, and enjoy! (:

I catch my breath as I look up to the brilliant lights in the moonlit sky. 'How captivating is this place!' I think to myself as the trees rustle in the breeze against my soft skin. Closing my eyes, I began to intake the beauty of my surroundings: children running in blissful laughter, leaves falling in autumn's change, scents of fresh oranges, and the clash of the waves on the seaswept shore. I take a deep breath and begin to walk towards the midnight blue ocean, and the water encompasses me.

I lift my face to the mountaintops and the hills when- suddenly, an unending spectrum of spiritual alleviation courses through my veins. I hear a warm, peaceful voice call out my name and my eyes widen. I begin to tremble in awe and adoration as the King of Glory in robes of purple and gold appears before my undeserving eyes. He says to me, "Come. Let us go to a secret place." I follow his footprints in the sand as he leads me through the woods. On our way there, I cannot help but be overwhelmed by his beautiful countenance. It is indescribable. Jesus, knowing that I can no longer contain my joy stops to sit in an astonishingly majestic open area full of roaming animals, stunningly bright flowers, and lively trees.

Losing all control of myself, I fall to my knees and kiss his bare feet. "My heart yearns for you," I whisper, looking up at him in dependence. He replies, "You, my beloved, are my precious child whom I take delight in- my heart yearns for you that much more." Amazed by this, tears stream down my cheek. I begin to worship him in song and bring him offerings of fruit and flowers that I had gathered in the forest. It was meager, but it was all I had. Smiling, I reach out to him. He holds his hands in mine and I look up to seek him at the touch of his embrace. Chills are running down my spine because of his marvelous glow; my heart is satisfyingly full of his deep love. I close my eyes for a brief second while I take in a breath of his glory, and when I open my eyes he has completely vanished!

Perplexed, I find my way back through the forest to the ocean. As I trod down, I am intoxicated with his romance; a feeling I will never be able to shake. There are no words to describe how it is to be with him in the place. He is everything I need and more! My heart melts in his sight.

When I arrive back at the shore, I am surprised to see a party and a benevolent feast taking place. Jesus is already there when I join, and in a time of fellowship we all dance in his presence.

I love Jesus with all my heart, and thank him every day for this place that his grace has allowed me to enter. Heaven has deepened my relationship with God in a way unimaginable, and it's hard to believe that it's only the beginning of our eternity together in this perfect place. Earthly relationships are restored, my sinful nature has been atoned for and is no longer prevalent, and I have a lifetime of deepening my love for him ahead of me. His glory is manifest in this place that I dwell- the true prize. I will praise him with the angels forevermore, making a joyful noise unto him who loves me! Thank you Lord for this never-ending Paradise.

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