Friday, June 1, 2012

A Fighter: The Eclipse of Legacy

Can I just be straight- forward here? I feel the heaviness of my heart all the time. It weighs my body down, it tries to overtake me, and scariest of all, it buries my intentions and passions deep within its dark walls. They get lost in the very darkness that I myself have created. I am beginning to find that in my blindness they are impossible to recover on my own-- like an ocean current, forever sweeping away, sweeping away.  God has great purpose in giving us dreams, but what even are these God-given dreams if they are constantly polluted by the integration of our own dark desires? Clarity seems so fairytale-like nowadays. When are we going to open our eyes? God gives us a mission through our dreams, yet we keep putting them off and putting them off; we stand back and wait for someone else to accomplish them first. That way, we have an excuse. "Someone else already started that minstry, Lord! But hey-- it's okay. They are so much more equipped than I am. I know they will go on to do great things here. You don't need me anymore." --Okay, for all of you who just read that-- come on now. Don't lie to yourself. I know in your head you're thinking, "That's ridiculous! I would never do that!" But take a moment to search your heart.

I'm sure you'll immediately find the contradiction.

We all do it. We all say it. We're all ashamed of it, scared of it, even. Although this is not voiced particularly often-- it's not a uncommon thing to be scared of a dream. That's completely normal. But it's when you let that fear hold you back from moving closer towards your God-given dreams that it becomes altogether unhealthy. Don't live your life crippled. Put to death the dark desires of your heart, become a warrior, fight for your dreams. Live a life of legacy.

Even the darkest of days carry a light that shines forth always. Even the foggiest of lives can have the clearest of meanings. Everyone has a calling and everyone is here for a reason. You weren’t born simply to die; you were born with a purpose that only you can fulfill. Don’t overlook it long enough to forget that it is there, and remember that with each heartbeat comes a new chance to turn yourself around. Corruption comes upon those who let it poison their lives, but that is why we must choose to stand strong and fight the battle. Each day lived is another victory won over this cruel world, and every battle won is one more step closer to the beginning of eternity. When in combat for your mind, quitting is not an option. There is no Plan B. Cherish every moment you have, and look past life’s imperfections long enough to see the beauty of their results in your life. You can leave an everlasting mark on this world only if you believe it to be true. Start living like your dreams matter. They not only matter to you, but they matter deeply to God. --In need of a recipe for legacy? Here it is. It's simple. "You must never back down."

WELL-- Now that that's covered-------- Ready... Set... GO!

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