Sunday, March 4, 2012

The "Key" to Correspondence

Earlier today, I thought of this crazy analogy and I felt it strong on my heart to share it:

How does a piano work? Does anyone know? How does the sound come out simply by pressing each key? Well, when a piano key is pressed, a tiny hammer flies up and strikes the strings that are hidden within the piano. Each string and key is tuned to produce the corresponding note, creating a perfect match. Once the hammer strikes the string, it quickly falls away so as not to stop their vibration, creating a long lasting sound that resonates beautifully.

Reflecting on this, God taught me an extremely profound lesson. What if we let God do with us what each piano key lets its string do with them? Okay, so it's obviously no secret that a piano key is nothing without its corresponding string-- but what is a piano without someone to play it? What good does it do if you're a key with no string? You are a dust collector.

We all need Jesus because, believe it or not, we are truly helpless without him. Each key can only be used if the string is in correspondence to it. We must be willing to let God change us and unify us with himself, or everything we do is in vain. As strange as this might sound-- Jesus is in search for people who are willing to let him play them like a piano. We each represent one key, but if all keys are in correlation with the Father think of the beautiful melodies and harmonies we could make. Together. Your specific piano string is your specific life that God has called you to live. If we band together, each living life as we are called, we have the entire family of Christ living solely to lift his name. How powerful would that be in the advancement of the Kingdom?!

Let's create an alluring sound; let's let our lifesong sing to Him! And hey, you never know-- He might even be in the process of playing it back to you-- in some way, somehow. Take a moment to listen to his voice today, and give in to him as he plays out your beautiful life in harmony with others. Despite the screaming distractions of the world, deep inside the quietness of his heart is a will and plan for your life.

Let him play. Just let him play.

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